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Vision is an important sense of all humans.  It is, therefore, our responsibility to make sure that we take good care of our eyesight.  We put our eyes in danger by the small things we do unknowingly.  The eyes are very delicate organs. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the care of our eye sight.  All these measures are equally important to the general health of the eye.


Eating well is one way that improves our eyesight health.  Some kinds of food possess useful nutrients to the eye.  Paprika, cilantro and turmeric among others are examples of such kind of foods.  These foods may assist someone to reduce their chances of going through the problems of vision associated with aging.  Eating of balanced diet assures us a healthy body.  As a result of good health, eye problem associated with obese people will be avoided.  So, one should be very careful of whatever they eat as they have direct and indirect impacts on the health of the eyes. 



Stopping smoking is a thing smokers should consider.  Smoking is also a threat to the health of our eyes as it is to the lungs.  Cataract may result due to smoking.  Smoking has another negative impact of muscle degeneration and the damaging of the optic nerve.  It is a good decision to quit smoking for the good of the eyes. Seeking the help of a doctor might help the addicts to quit smoking for the general good of their sight.


In case someone is an industrial worker, they might be exposed to materials not safe enough to the eyes.  Usage of protective eyewear should be encouraged in such environments.  Students in the labs should always put on protective goggles when carrying out experiments.  Some sports can also lead to an eye injury.  A good example is the ice hockey.  Therefore, helmets fitted with masks must be worn all the time by the players.  Some extra protection is provided by safety goggles.


The use of mobile phones and computers should be minimized.  The light emanating from these devices might cause blurred vision, eye strains and headaches.  To minimize this risks, one should wear computer protective glasses if the effects are somehow advanced.  Precautions when using a computer are keeping the computer far enough, blinking more and avoiding glare from the window and other sources.  Finally, regular checkups such as at are necessary.  This is a precaution against any eye related complication.  In addition, the eyes will perform perfectly as they are supposed to.  Above are some of the measures each one of us should take to ensure a good eye health especially with help from .  These simple eye health care might seem so basic but they bear a lot of significance.  Maintaining a good eye health is our own responsibility.


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